Howdah Hunter Percussion Shotgun Pistol 11-1/4" .50 Caliber (Taylor's)


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The Howdah Hunter pistol has side by side barrels and is a reproduction of the Anglo-Saxon guns used in the second half of the 1800's in the far colonial territories and India. During the first period of British colonial government in India, the Howdah pistols were preferred for their power and reliability, but their main use was at close range to stop dangerous wild animals such as the tiger from leaping upon the "Howdah" box atop the elephant's back. The locks are embellished with engraving featuring wild animals and finished with case hardened coloring. The walnut pistol grip stock has two checkered sections to grant a firm and comfortable and stable grip with a counterweight butt plate. The howdah pistol in .50 and .58 features rifled barrels while the Howdah in 20GA features smooth bore barrels. This pistol uses standard revolver caps for loading and the manufacturer manual includes black powder shotgun barrel loading recommendations.

Imported by Taylor's & Company.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review