Bunker Hill Flag 3X5 Foot Polyester

Northern Rifleman

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On the heels of the Battles of Lexington and Concord that began the Revolutionary War, American troops learned that the British planned on sending troops from Boston to occupy the hills around the city. One thousand colonial militiamen under the command of Colonel William Prescott built fortifications overlooking Boston. The British attacked the Americans twice and both times were forced to retreat. Only the third time when approaching were the Americans forced to retreat, but not without dealing a shattering blow to the British.

It was at this battle that the Americans were finally convinced that patriotic dedication could overcome the British army, despite their superior numbers. The high price the British paid made them realize that the war with the colonies would be far more difficult and costly than they thought.

The pine tree pictured on the Bunker Hill flag was a symbol of freedom to New Englanders at the time. British flags, particularly the English Blue Ensign used by several British organizations or territories was modified to show the pine tree within the St. George's cross.

  • Flag measures 3 feet x 5 feet with 2 brass grommets for easy display
  • 100 denier polyester: More durable than the typical see-through poly flag
  • Bold colors stand out for a flag you can be proud of
  • Quality construction: Four rows of stitching on fly edge of flag



(No reviews yet) Write a Review